How Using Vegan Products During Travels Can Reduce Environmental Destruction

 Did you know that humans currently have an ecological footprint equivalent to 1.5 Earths? That means that we are using more resources than the world can even accommodate for, and this leaves other animals and plants with fewer resources to use. On top of this, humans are causing massive destruction to Mother Nature in the form of deforestation, overfishing, overpopulation, emitting greenhouse gases, meat farming, and more.

 It is no secret that our beloved Earth’s health is deteriorating, and extremely quickly at that. As the human race continues to use up natural resources and introduce toxic and unnatural waste into the environment, the environment will only be faced with exponentially more destruction and troubles.

 While this is indeed grim news, did you know that there are ways that you (yes, you) can help fight for the environment? Don’t let the word “fight” fool you. Yes, you can surely join others in protest against major contributors to environmental destruction. However, there are other ways to help protect the environment that requires much less activism. One of the best ways to reduce environmental destruction is to reduce your carbon footprint by using vegan products during travel. Let’s take a look at how this is so.


1. You’ll Reduce Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

 Did you know that the meat industry emits more greenhouse gases compared to all vehicles on the road today? The truth is, animal agriculture impacts greenhouse gas emissions more than just through the methane gas cows produce. The entire process of raising, feeding, and slaughtering cows and other livestock burns up a lot of fossil fuels and even more is burned when animals are transported from place to place.

 While many animals are slaughtered for their meat, a large number of cows and livestock are slaughtered solely for their hide, which is used to make leather and suede products. When you opt for using vegan travel products such as vegan luggage, you’ll be reducing your contribution to animal agriculture.


2. You’ll Be Saving Forests

 Aside from the slaughter of animals, the meat industry is also responsible for massive deforestation. In fact, every second, an area the size of a football field is cleared to make room for livestock to graze. And of course, not only are the trees being cleared, but all of the animals that were living in those lands lose their home as well. By opting for vegan products that contribute to animal agriculture, you can help reduce the amount of land that is needed for livestock grazing and rearing in the first place. Many travel equipment options are eco-friendly and sustainable, meaning that they were designed to help protect the environment in the process. For your Backpacking trip, we recommend Ecogers Backpacks since they use Repreve—recycled fiber from plastic bottles for all their travel products.


3. You’ll Help Keep Our Waters Clean

 In the process of raising livestock, it is obvious that there will be manure that comes naturally. While many believe that this manure is simply used to fertilize crops, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that cow manure is not the most favorable for use as fertilizer, so this manure often ends up being washed away and eventually landing in rivers, lakes, and eventually our oceans and water tables.

 Since manure contains a lot of nitrogen, it ends up killing a lot of algae, which leaves little oxygen for the local fish and wildlife living in the waters. Moreover, the toxic chemicals often found in manure ends up in our drinking water system, which of course increases the risk of disease and illness.

 One easy way to stop contributing to the pollution of our waters is to opt for vegan travel products as you plan your vacations. This simple switch will ensure that you are using no products that, during their production process, have contributed to the detriment of our environment.

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