3 Useful Tips for the Traveling Vegan

 Traveling as a vegan may seem like a task that can ultimately become a headache, considering that you’ll be on new grounds and won’t be in the comfort of your “veganized” home and kitchen. However, vegan travel doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it is just as enjoyable as any other travel, especially once you get a few solid practices in place. To help you get started in becoming a vegan travel pro, here are three useful tips for the traveling vegan.


#1: Call ahead for vegan accommodations on longer flights.

To make sure you have some food options on the plane, call at least 72 hours prior to your flight to request vegan meal options. Although this tip might not work for all shorter travels (less than five hours or so), it will surely work on longer ones, such as international flights.

The great news is that many airlines are now accommodating for vegan diets, even if the flight is shorter. Airlines such as Qantas Airways, Emirates Airlines, and Virgin America Airlines are all known for having vegan options on domestic and international flights.


#2: Pack your own food and personal care items.

If you are concerned with not having vegan food and personal care options, plan ahead by packing some with you. Just make sure that the food and care items are TSA-friendly, of course.

 To help keep your food and personal care items intact and safe, opt for hardside luggage. Rather than being made of a softside such as canvas, hardside luggage is made of harder and more durable material that will protect the contents inside the luggage. One great option to consider is luggage by the brand Aleoncase, which are all Hardside Construction and made with durable Aircraft Grade Aluminum, their suitcases highly recommended because they are truly timeless by design and built to last.


#3: Call ahead to make sure your hotel is vegan-friendly or can accommodate some needs.

With veganism on the rise, many of the world’s leading hotel chains are now accommodating for their vegan guests. To better prepare for your travels, call your place of stay in advance to see whether or not they are vegan-friendly. They may not be able to accommodate all your needs, but at least you’ll know what to expect and what you may need to bring along with you.

Here you can read our Vegan-Friendly Comprehensive List of Travel Tips and Packing ChecklistFollow our list of travel tips and you’ll become a travel pro on the road (or plane) in no time.

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