4 Green Reasons to Go Vegan in 2020 & Beyond

 Every year, around this time, people are writing their lists and setting resolutions for the new year to come. While people are also focused on improving their diets or their financial health, an increasing number of people are focusing their efforts on being more environmentally conscious. Perhaps you’re one of these people.

 Sure, you can recycle wherever possible––this is actually a great way to help protect the environment. However, did you know that the simple switch to a vegan lifestyle can help you become more eco-friendly as well? In fact, it’s one of the best-known ways of helping the planet!

 Maybe you’re already thinking about going vegan but need more inspiration. Or perhaps you’re trying to save the turtles and need a surefire way to do so. No matter your reasoning, veganism is one of the best ways to save our planet as we know it. To help you find the motivation to take the leap, here are four green reasons to go vegan in 2020 and beyond.


#1: You’ll cut your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you know that the animal farming industry is the biggest culprit when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions? Yes, it is even worse (much worse) than fumes from vehicles. The thing is, fossil fuels are used (burned) in the process of raising, slaughtering, and transporting animals used for meat or animal products.

Because of this (and the fact that cows produce methane gas), the animal farming industry is responsible for nearly 51 percent of the total worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, every single year. Just by going plant-based, you can drastically reduce your contribution to the global warming effect.


#2: A vegan lifestyle saves massive amounts of water.

Sure, animal farming results in most of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. But did you know that it is also responsible for so much wasted water? In fact, it takes anywhere between 13,000-100,000 liters of water to produce a single kilo of beef.
On the other hand, it only takes around 1,000-3,000 liters of water to produce a kilo of grain or crop. Going vegan frees up water to be used for better purposes, such as helping those dying of thirst.


#3: Veganism saves animal lives. Every day.

As quite an obvious point, veganism is the best way to save the lives of innocent animals. But do you know just how great a vegan diet saves animals’ lives? Going vegan means saving about one animal every single day. That’s roughly 365 total animals saved each and every year, per person. Imagine that.


#4: You’ll prevent needless deforestation.

Nearly every second of every single day, a massive one to two acres of rainforest is cleared and otherwise deforested for animal farming. Within a year’s time, land in the amount of two Floridas is deforested.

As you know, this results in the cutting down of millions of trees. Not only does this cause a lack of natural air pollution filtration, but it also results in the destruction of millions of animals’ natural habitats.


More Beneficial Reasons...

#1: You can lose weight very easily.
As long as you stick to the actually healthy vegan food options (yes there’s such a thing as vegan junk food), you can eat without having to count every calorie and still lose weight.

#2: You’ll save lives.
Going vegan means saving about one animal every single day. That’s roughly 365 total animals saved each and every year, per person. Imagine that.

#3: Veganism saves the planet.
Going green is the best way to protect the environment, and that includes going vegan. A vegan diet and lifestyle use up much fewer resources (such as land and water) when compared to an omnivorous or carnivorous lifestyle and diet.

#4: It’s easy on the wallet. 
Eating meat can cost several dollars per weight unit. On the other hand, plant-based proteins like beans and legumes only cost a fraction of a dollar per weight unit.

#5: A vegan diet help put an end to the hunger crisis.
So much of our available food sources are fed to livestock without need, simply for the sake of fattening them up. When you go vegan, this means untying those food sources so they can be fed to the homeless and the hungry instead.

#6: Your risk of many health ailments is much lower.
Due to the high-fibrous, low-calorie, and nutrient-rich nature of vegetables and fruits, you’ll enjoy a much lower risk of many of the leading health ailments, including diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s, and a weaker immune system.

#7: You’ll live longer.
According to many studies, vegans tend to live an average of six to nine years longer than those who eat meat.

#8: A vegan diet increases energy levels. 
Part of the reason why many people live their days tired and sluggish is that they lack certain nutrients in their diet, all of which a vegan diet provides in ample amounts. A vegan diet helps with improving your energy levels––say goodbye to afternoon crashes and relying on coffee! 

#9: Animals are sentient beings, too.
Just like you, animals just want to be left alone to live their natural lives in peace. They deserve the right to live as they please.



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